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Here's Where To Get Restaurant Deals (And Cash Back) On Sunday

Jan 29 2018

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Stressing about your Game Day party? We get it. Superbowl parties can be messy, and a whole lot of work. Whether you're looking for a place to order your game day spread or thinking of watching the game at a restaurant, here are our top spots that are great for game day and earn cash back for your team:


1. Buffalo Wild Wings: Gives 10% cash back 

Purchase a Buffalo Wild Wings eGift card and head over to any of their 1200 locations for the ultimate Big Game experience on Sunday, February 4th! The restaurant chain has big plans, with giveaways, 40+ big screens, 20+ beers on tap, and 23 sauces and seasonings. If you're planning on watching at the restaurant, make sure you make a reservation in advance. You can also pre-order your takeout items so that your order is ready at your preferred time. 


2. Chili's: Gives 2% cash back 

Chili's doesn't have in-restaurant events going on for the big game, but they do have an extensive catering menu that's sure to please a crowd. We're loving the Big Mouth Bites mini burger platter, the California Toasted Turkey platter, and the party platter mix. 


3. Applebee's: Gives 10% cash back 

Applebee's is a great place to go watch the game on Sunday! If you're going to brave the restaurant crowds, make sure you have a reservation and arrive early, so you don't miss any of the excitement. Applebee's also offers a pickup option. You can schedule your entire order as far in advance as you like and pick up from a location closest to you. Our favorites are the breaded chicken wings and the spinach and artichoke dip. You can use your eGift card to eat-in or pick up, so your team earns with every dollar. 


4. Dominos: Gives 2%

Can't go wrong with pizza right?  Dominos is currently running an exclusive offer: Any large 2-topping pizza and a 2L Coca-Cola beverage for $10.99 (offer may vary based on location). Get your game day pizza deals and earn cash back for your team when you order with a Dominos eGift card. 


5. Jack Astor's: Gives 5%

While there isn't a great takeout option for Jack Astor's, this popular spot boasts huge tv screens throughout, so that you and your friends can enjoy the game without worrying too much where you're going to sit. Call in advance to make a reservation, and make sure to specify that you want to be close to one of their big screens. Don't forget to purchase an eGift card in advance to earn 5% cash back on your meal. 


Other eGift cards that earn: 


We've got more eGift cards that earn for your team this weekend or any time of year. Panera, The Ultimate Dining Card, Ihop, and many others earn for your team.  Don't see your favorite restaurant on this list? Check out the full list of eGift cards here



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