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This Is How Much Your Bake Sale Is Costing You

Oct 05 2016

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Ah, the bake sale, the staple fundraiser. Most, if not all organizations, have at one time or another put together a bake sale in the hopes of making some extra money for their team. Baked goods are cheap right? A box of cupcake mix is $3.99 and you could sell each of those for a dollar, how could you not make money? Well, in reality, bake sales can end up costing you a pretty penny, and while it feels like all this work is going into your fundraiser, you may actually be losing money at the end of the day, and here's why: 

1. It's really hard to keep everyone's spending in check: 

When you run a bake sale with lots of people it's difficult to keep track of who is spending on what. Depending on what you're making, and how the people you are baking with want to price their items, it could end up costing you money to put together that sale. 

2. It's more than just the baking: 

Even if everyone chips in and bakes something, you still have to publicize your bake sale and make sure those who are coming have something to take their cupcakes home in. This can get extremely costly, especially if you are printing flyers. 

3. Trying to coordinate everyone is time consuming: 

Making sure that everyone makes different things, and enough to make the fundraiser worthwhile can be a tricky endeavor. Plus, those that donate additional items such as marketing materials or containers may feel like they don't need to bake anything at all. This can make your fundraiser really complicated. 

4. If some kids have allergies, it can be dangerous if everyone is bringing their own baked goods: 

If some children have allergies, it can actually be dangerous to have a bake sale without a controlled environment. Parents may be making items that contain nuts or other foods that lots of children have reactions to, and without a guarantee, it can be difficult to fundraise. 

5. The leftovers: 

Even if your bake sale is a huge success, and everyone brings as much as they possibly can, you can still end up with tons of leftovers that you cannot sell but already used valuable fundraising dollars to make. 

The actual cost of cupcakes for a bake sale can range from 1-3 dollars per item, that means you would have to charge quite a bit for your baked goods, while already spending hundreds of dollars on ingredients and printed materials. Why go through all of that to make a couple hundred dollars? 

Use FlipGive instead: 

FlipGive gets you up to 25% cash back on everything you buy. But, if you must bake, buy your ingredients and promotional supplies through your FlipGive page, and earn even more for your fundraiser. So if you aren't into the bake sale, your entire team can earn money from home all year round, and if the bake sale is a tradition, you'll be even more successful! 



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