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Top 16 Hottest Backpacks For The 2020 School Year

Jul 23 2020

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2020 flew by and here we are again, looking forward (more than ever) to fresh new routines and safe return to reality. Celebrating Back to School at FlipGive is one of our rituals, we love to find the most-wanted essentials of the year so you don't have to. Starting with the most exciting element on your list, backpacks! We've done our homework and selected options from all sizes, colors, styles, functions and price ranges so you can find the perfect fit. These A+ picks will not only help them to hold all of their school staples but carry them through all the new adventures this year has to offer. 

1. Jansport Superbreak Backpack

Shop at Jansport (gives 4% back) for USA, Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back) 

Any Jansport back pack is always a no-brainer. It has everything - an iconic style, multiple colors to chose from, a side water bottle pocket and more. 

2. Herschel Little America Backpack


Shop at Herschel (gives 3% back)

You can never go wrong with the timeless Herschel Little America backpack... It's available in many colors and sizes, and is perfectly equipped for their everyday adventures. We recommend the Youth Little America Backpack for younger kids (under 8) and the Little America Mid Volume Backpack for older kids. 

3. UA Youth Storm Scrimmage Backpack

Shop at Under Armour (gives 10% back)

It's approved by all the parents at FlipGive, and has everything a kid needs to stay on top of their game. Perfect for school as well as for game day, it's ultra-durable, lightweight, and has tons of space.

4. Los Angeles Lakers Herschel Supply City Edition Classic XL Backpack

Shop at Fanatics (gives 10% back)

Do you have a pro sport fan at home? They'll love to show their true colors with this Lakers Herschel branded backpack. Designs include other pro teams such as the New York Yankees, the Raptors and many more! 

5. City Adventurer Backpack 17L

Shop at lululemon (gives 6% back) 

This is the perfect bag to take you from class to practice - it has a built-in laptop sleeve as well as an expandable pocket to store training gear.

6. Heritage Backpack XL Youth

Shop at Herschel (gives 3% back)

The Heritage backpack is one of the must have on this list. It's as simple as it gets and one of the most affordable backpacks of the brand. The best part? It's available in tons of colors and sizes to fit the needs of smaller kids as well as junior scholars. 

7. Jansport Big Campus Backpack


Shop at Jansport (gives 4% back) for USA, Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back) 

Need extra room? The Big Campus is large enough to hold their biggest plans. It's as practical as is gets with afront utility pocket, a zippered front mesh stash pocket keep the details organized, a fully padded back panel that will make it comfortable and side water bottle pocket.

8. Fjallraven Kånken Water Resistant Backpack



Shop at Backcountry for USA (gives 3% back), at Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back)

VSCO girls made it popular but now it is a back to school classic. This backpack is equally suited to school as it is for outdoors adventures. The Vinylon F fabric makes is durable, lightweight and resistable to water and dirt. 

9. Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Backpack 

Shop at Eastbay for USA (gives 5% back), at Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back)

We can't help but feeling nostalgic about this one. It will be a perfect match for their checkon slip on shoes. 

10. The North Face Jester Backpack

Shop at Tillys for USA (gives 8% back), at Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back)

For the outdoors and hiking lovers, this North Face Backpack will be the perfect ally to their wildest adventures. They also happen to be a great option for school as it will protect and organize all of their class essentials with a padded 15" laptop sleeve and an internal organization panel for stashing smaller items. 

11. Herschel Retreat Backpack

Shop at Herschel (gives 3% back)

Looking for unique patterns and timeless design? We LOVE the Retreat Backpack from Herschel. Not only it is one of the most stylish options of this list, but it is also an A+ in practicality with the classic cinch-top closure and magnetic buckle strip, and plenty of room for their books and notebooks.

12. Nike Heritage 2.0 Backpack

Shop at Nike  (gives 10% back in USA, gives 5% back in CAN)

Looking for something simple but fonctional? This Nike Heritage 2.0 is our pick. Plus, it will look good with their favorite kicks! 

13. The North Face Tote Pack

Shop at Eastbay for USA (gives 5% back), at Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back)

This one is on the smaller side with a 14.5-liter capacity, but it is super practical and suited for school (it won't be able to hold sports gear like other options on this list.). We love the sleek design and small details like the small hoop at the bottom and the comfortable totes handle. 

14. UA Roland Backpack

Shop at Under Armour (gives 10% back)

Another staple in our books. Simple but tough and perfect to resist their day-to-day with Under Armour's signature Storm technology that delivers an element-battling and highly water-resistant finish.

15. Jansport Hatchet BackPack 

Shop at Jansport (gives 4% back) for USA, Sport Chek for Canada (gives 3% back)

The Jansport Hatchet backpack stands out its outdoor influence and is highly fonctional. It features a versatile sleeve designed to fit a 15’’ laptop, deluxe organizer panel, tablet pocket and water bottle pockets.

16. lululemon Cruiser Backpack 22L


Older students (or yourself) will love this. It carries EVERYTHING, is highly functional with lots of pockets and plenty of room for all the gear and school staples.



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