2022 Gift Guide: Here are the Most Wanted Toys of 2022

November 18 2022

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While it may be November, the Holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about shopping for gifts. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the corner, it’s important to organize your list of potential purchases if you want to get the best deals and save big. 

This is especially true if you have little ones on your gift list! Every year, the most popular toys sell out quickly and many people are left scrambling at the last minute. We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest toys of 2022 to help you avoid the rush, get the best deal, and earn cash back for your team. 

The Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball is one of the hottest toys of 2022! Wave the magic wand at the crystal ball and a magical creature will appear within the mist. Abracadabra! Your child will be amazed. 


If your young one likes CoComelon, they will love the Musical Bedtime JJ Doll. Inspired by the character JJ, this soft plush wears his iconic onesie and comes with his teddy bear… perfect for cuddling before bed! 


The Barbie Cutie Reveal is the coolest doll unboxing ever. This Barbie comes with 10 surprises to unlock, starting with the Barbie doll herself! Take off her costume to reveal the doll and the rest of her outfit and accessory surprises. 


This LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is perfect for any Star Wars fan, someone who is full of Holiday spirit, and is suitable for all ages due to easy assembly.

If you’re like us and dream of driving around in a convertible, this is the next best thing! The Aosom 12v Officially Licensed Ride-on Car is a stylish, yellow Camaro that resembles an adult vehicle. 


The Star War Villainous: Power of The Dark Side board game is the perfect game for your next game night. This strategy game involves choosing your favorite villain and trying to beat the other players by using their powers to accomplish their goals. May the force be with you (and not your opponents)!


STEM gifts that involve experiments and learning are some of the coolest gifts that will leave a lasting impact. National Geographic has a geode set that allows you to break open 10 geodes with a hammer… safety goggles are included! Discover and investigate what’s inside with a magnifying glass and information booklet to explain the science behind geodes. 


The Snap Circuits Green Energy Electronics Exploration Kit teaches your child about green energy while allowing them to explore their inventive imagination. This set has the tools to make projects using solar, wind, hydro, kinetic and geothermal energy. Time to make your own solar-powered clock!


The LeapFrog Magic Adventures Microscope allows you to explore the tiny worlds of microorganisms by zooming in on animals, flowers, minerals, food, and more with up to 200x magnification. The microscope comes with 8 double-sided smart slides and the associated images and videos; or, you can utilize the reusable blank slides to investigate things you find around your home!


The Little Live Pets Mama Surprise is one of the best-selling toys of 2022. This toy involves taking good care of the mama guinea pig until her heart starts to glow, and then placing her in her hutch where she will have a baby! She will give birth to three babies, so you can do it again and again!


Trainers, get your Pokémon ready! The Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield- Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box includes everything you need to beat your opponents; booster packs, card sleeves, energy cards, a strategy guide, special dice and markers, and more!


Attention, fashionistas! The Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio is a beginner sewing machine (with no needles!) with the resources and designs to make 6 accessories. This may be the start of a future career in fashion design!


Calling all superhero fans! With the newest Marvel release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there will be an influx of toys related to the film (no duh… it was amazing!). The Marvel Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Claw allows your child to embrace their inner superhero and don gear inspired by the greatest Wakandan warriors. Or, if your child prefers to watch the action, the Black Panther Heart of Wakanda Plush Figure is the perfect companion for movie nights cuddling on the couch. Squeeze him to see glowing purple eyes and hear iconic phrases from the film!


And of course, we can’t forget Squishmallows. These soft and cuddly plush toys are very popular among kids of all ages. Squishmallows are super cute, perfect for cuddling and come in various sizes and characters.

Check out the Top Toys of 2022 collection on FlipGive for more ideas and brands for gifts for your little ones. 

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FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.