Top 9 Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

November 25 2019

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Being involved in a school club a fun hobby. There are so many club options in schools and universities around the county. Whether it is art club, like photography, drama club, like improv, or even a hobby club, like chess or skiing, eventually your club will need some funds to participate in the activities that make the club special. Fundraising for clubs can be intimidating, there are many club fundraising options that can be easy or hard, it’s difficult to know which is worth wild.  Here are 9 of the top fundraising ideas for your club.

1. Hold a Book Swap

Expert Level: Medium

Book swapping has become more and more popular in recent years, as people get to share their favorite books with other bookworms. A book swap is particularly clever for parents to organize, as chances are that a parent in your kid’s club is already in a book club themselves! Simply put the word out at the local cafes, schools and on social media, charge an entry fee, and have a great time along the way!

2. Work Your Town for a Potluck Yard Sale

            Expert Level: Medium

The perfect plan for those with a little entrepreneurial spirit, holding a community yard sale simply requires enough space and the ability to get the word out. People can get together as frequently as you want to sell items for their own benefit. The kicker? For you smart organizers, you can charge a hosting or organizing fee to benefit you or your kid’s club! And since people never seem to run out of stuff to sell, you can arrange these as often as you like.

3. 10,000 Steps Fundraiser

Expert Level: Medium

We’ve all raised money as kids with walkathons, but today’s fitness bands make it easier than ever to put a fresh twist on the event. Keep track of your steps via your favorite app, share the results via live stream, your fundraising page or social network. Make it a one-day event or keep it going for the long term. Depending on how long you plan or working the event, get sponsors to pledge funds based on how many steps you take! Best of all, taking all of those extra steps will put you and your club fundraisers in a healthier state for both mind and body.

4. Work With Your Local Drive-In Theater

            Expert Level: Medium

Few things create nostalgia for the good ol’ days like the drive-in theater! The only problem? You’ve got to find one, so in some areas, you may want to try something else. But if you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in nearby, it presents a wide variety of options for how to fundraise for your club. Some owners will be happy to host a night with part of the sales going straight to your club. For extra profit, you, your family, and friends can set up an extra stand to sell baked goods or other tasty treats that moviegoers will gobble right up! Over the course of warm nights, you can raise the big bucks.

5. Run a Silent Auction

Expert Level: Difficult

Silent auctions take a lot of coordination, but for the right cause and the right setting, they can provide some of the largest returns for your fundraising efforts that you can find. You’ll need people willing to donate items, a host for the event, a space large enough for several people, and likely some food and drink. To expand your reach, consider collaborating with other people’s clubs to increase interest.

6. Team With Local Shops For a Scavenger Hunt

Expert Level: Medium

Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re on an adventure like the Goonies? Scavenger hunts are super popular amongst young adults these days. Set a prize, get creative with your riddles, and ask your local shops for their participation. They’ll be happy for the extra foot traffic, and your competitors will have a blast! The challenge for this event lies in the creativity because the better you make the hunt, the better the chance that people will want your club to organize another soon!

7. Host an Event-Related to Your Club

            Expert Level: Medium

Depending on what your club is all about, gaining interest from your local neighborhood is going to either going to be a piece of cake or take a little charm. Find an open setting such as a park, school cafeteria, or local church. Charge a cover fee for people to come learn all about what makes your club so great, showcase your clubs’ hard work, or put on any show that will encourage people to donate. Get people excited and be sure to bring snacks and refreshments. This strategy may not bring in the largest return for your club, but there’s a flip side: by the end of the event, your club might have some new recruits!

8. Applebee’s Breakfast Event

Expert Level: Medium

Big food chains such as Applebee’s like to give back to the community. Why? Because it’s good for them, and they’re just like everyone else - they want to give to a good cause! The reality is that it doesn’t have to be Applebee’s. Many restaurants are willing to get good publicity and give back if you can organize enough people to join. Usually, you’ll see about 70% of what you charge at the event go straight to your cause, while the rest goes to cover food costs and any promotion that may be needed.

9. Fund Your Club Using Cash Back Programs

Expert Level: Easy

Funding programs like FlipGive enable clubs to work together to buy things that they already need. When you buy an item through FlipGive, the store owner pays a commission to FlipGive, which is, in turn, is shared back to you and your team! This is a great way to fundraise for a few reasons. First, you don’t have to spend money on unnecessary items. Second, you get to buy things that you may already want or need for your club in the first place, or everyday items such as shoes, clothes, hotels, and more. Plus, donations make reaching a goal happen even faster. You can learn more about how FlipGive works here. Even better, you can organize all of your funds from your other club fundraising ideas through your dashboard, keeping things nice and organized.

Easy Club Fundraising with FlipGive

Club fundraising doesn’t have to be a challenge. Being involved is a fun pastime that brings people together. By utilizing FlipGives easy cashback program, you can raise money for your grade school, high school, or college club in a few easy steps. By earning cash back on the top restaurants, hotels for club travel, or top brand stores that you shop at daily, you can achieve your fundraising goal in no time! Learn more about FlipGive by setting up a coaching call or you can create a team within minutes and start earning cash.

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FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.