Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dads

June 9 2018

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IIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Dad!  Or Aqua Dad... Or Spider Dad... Regardless of the title, he’s your dad, and your hero. He uses his superpowers to protect and to play. He may not always know best, but he certainly tries his hardest. With Father’s Day on the horizon, FlipGive has the best gifts and gear for dads far and near, saving you money by earning cash back for your team each and every time. On Father’s Day we celebrate every dad, step-dad, and granddad around.

10. Gamer Dad:

Before he was a Dad, he was a kid. From card games to board games, there are tons of games to challenge his brain or make him laugh. Or, if you dare, entertain his inner teen with anything from a new gaming console to the latest and greatest games and accessories.


9. Collector Dad:

Some dads seem to have it all, and that’s just how they like it. Books, watches or paraphernalia of the sport or music kind, this type of dad is the easiest to buy for. If he collects it, you can deliver it – literally. Order just about anything online and send it over to the collector himself. He’ll thank you – and so will your team! 


8. Spa Dad:

Grooming. Maintaining. Detailing. Call it what you want, but the only man who doesn’t appreciate a bit of pampering is one who hasn’t tried it. Yet. Trimmers or clippers. Razors or shavers. Cologne or aftershave. Every kind of soap or sundry. It all adds up to make a well-manicured man. It’s never too late!


7. Outdoors Dad:

Is your dad the king of the campfire? A beast at the grill?  It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day falls at summer’s start. BBQ utensils and accessories, camping gadgets and gear, gardening equipment or even a brand new keep-it-cold bottle or drinks caddy are all on the list for the outdoorsy dad.


6. Sporty Dad:

From player to coach to superfan, your dad is there for you on and off the field. Great gifts like accessories, pro-sports swag or active wear are all just a click away. Golfers, fishermen, and all-round athletes rejoice! Unleash the jock in your dad while your team enjoys fundraising bonuses. Talk about teamwork!


5. Electric Dad:

Some dads are early adopters, while others are digital dinosaurs. Regardless of their technical footprint, there’s always something cool when it comes to electronics. Virtual assistants, wireless music, and smartwatches, chargers, lights, and trackers are but a few of the awesome gifts for your awesome dad.


4. Fashion Father:

Forget the necktie, and stuff the socks. This year, get your dapper dad kitted out in some new fashion-forward duds. Trendy sneakers, cool tees or even a super cool jacket will help divert attention away from the dad-jeans! And what could be more on-trend than shopping while earning money for your team? That’s one thing that never goes out of style.


3. Driving Dad:

Whether he loves to cruise, or has simply been stuck chauffeuring the kids around for years, automotive gifts are sure to go far for your father. Driving gloves, cool emergency kits, chargers, and dash mounts are all great gifts for the driver. To really set dad’s heart racing, a Jiffy Lube gift card is always a great score.


2. Foodie Dad:

Kiss the cook, and then take him to dinner. The Ultimate Gift Card lets your dad channel his inner foodie. If he prefers to chef it out, why not help him expand his repertoire with the latest cookbooks or shiny new utensils. Foodie fathers can’t say no to a cool new kitchen gadget, or a deliciously tasty treat.


1. Every Dad:

Still unsure? You can never, ever go wrong with giving the gift of choice - a gift card! From Old Navy to Lowes, nothing says “Thanks, Dad” like a gift card. With every online purchase of gift cards – both physical and virtual – you’re raising money for your team, too. Everybody wins!

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FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.