Basketball Fundraisers

Your basketball team can “Make It Rain” with FlipGive! FlipGive is a free team funding app that earns your team cash for the items you are already buying! Your team can be “Baller” with the FlipGive App!

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Why choose FlipGive for Basketball Team Fundraising?

FlipGive makes team fundraising fun and has so many benefits, including:

High Cash Back Percentage

FlipGive offers cash back up to 25% of the cost of the items you are purchasing online. It is one of the highest cash back percentages available on the market!

Free Sign-Up

There is no fee to join FlipGive! The sign-up process is super simple and takes only a few seconds to complete.

Shop for Well-Known Brands

FlipGive is partnered with online retailers that offer high quality products, including Nike, Adidas, and Spalding - at a low price and high cash back for you and your basketball team.

No Hidden Fees

With FlipGive, you have complete control over your team’s funds. Plus, you can withdraw your funds anytime you want - without seeking permission or getting charged at a hidden fee.

Basketball Fundraising Made Easy

FlipGive has simplified basketball fundraising to a whole new level. Fans, friends, family, and other contributors can easily find your page on the FlipGive website and donate cash. Also, FlipGive has partnered with powerful brands that provide exclusive offers throughout the year that your basketball team should take advantage. Sign up and start a FlipGive account to get the highest percentage cash back for every purchase you make today!

Bend United

Bend, OR Basketball



Lancaster aau basketball

Lancaster, PA Basketball



Mountain View High School Basketball

Bend, OR Basketball



AZ Phenoms

Phoenix, AZ Basketball



P.G Thunder Basketball Inc.

Bowie, MD Basketball



Kings Unlimited

Audubon, NJ Basketball



Nazareth Boys Varsity Basketball

Brooklyn, NY Basketball



MIB Basketball

Mountain Iron, MN Basketball



How It Works


Create Your Team

You can create your team on a desktop or on the FlipGive App. It takes just a few seconds to complete, and after that - you can begin to make money, even when your season is over!


Invite Your Teammates

The more the merrier for your basketball team! You need to mobilize your team members to join the team page and shop as often as they can through the FlipGive app.


Shop Online

To increase your earnings as a team, you need to shop frequently using FlipGive. If you are organizing a team event, choose a restaurant on the FlipGive app. You’ll raise money while having fun team with your teammates!


Withdraw Your Team Earnings

FlipGive will send a check to your team after you request a withdrawal. It’s that simple!

What People Are Saying

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Wildcats 12U $22,294 Raised

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears $8,827 Raised

"FlipGive has been a great way to reduce the financial burden for the families on our team."

Bend United $15,035 Raised

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