What is FlipGive?

FlipGive is a magical app that puts the fun into fundraising! FlipGive can help your quidditch team raise money for free by simply shopping and planning team activities through the app.

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Why FlipGive?

FlipGive stands out by providing your quidditch team a ton of benefits, including:

Convenience in Shopping and Planning

With the FlipGive app, you and your quidditch teammates can shop online or in-store, plan your team events, and as a result your team can earn up to 15% cash back!

Benefit from Perks

FlipGive has many promotions and contests throughout the entire year. By participating in them, you will earn additional funding towards your quidditch team's account.

Accept Donations

FlipGive is useful when it comes to collecting donations. Your team can share the donation link and receive donations without any charges. Plus, you can thank all your supporters with a simple click!

Discover New Places

With FlipGive large list of partnerships, you can easily find new places. You can find nearby restaurants through FlipGive which can help support your Quidditch team to earn money back!

Quidditch Fundraising Made Easy

FlipGive is the smartest and easiest way for your quidditch team to raise money. With this app, you no longer have to waste valuable time and energy trying to fundraise. Shopping for your everyday items can help boost your team into greatness. Download the FlipGive app, and start raising money to support your quidditch team today. Set up a team shop with us and allow us to support your team!

How It Works


Create a Team and Invite Teammates

Create your team using a desktop or the FlipGive app within seconds! Encourage your teammates to use the app and raise money - it’s that simple!


Use the App for Planning and Shopping

Use FlipGive app to plan team events and shop from top brands. Next time you have a team bonding use one of the partnerships with FlipGive and get cash back.


Collect Donations

With FlipGive you can share your donation page with your family and friends who want to donate to your Quidditch team.


Withdraw Funds

When your team’s account reaches at least $100.00, you can make a withdrawal with no hidden fees. With FlipGive you have control of your funds!

What People Are Saying

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Wildcats 12U $22,294 Raised

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears $8,827 Raised

"FlipGive has been a great way to reduce the financial burden for the families on our team."

Bend United $15,035 Raised

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