How a grocery retailer won customers and grew market share

In 2017, this grocery retailer was at its lowest point since 2010. It had lingering difficulties from an earlier acquisition, a falling...


In 2017, this grocery retailer was at its lowest point since 2010. It had lingering difficulties from an earlier acquisition, a falling stock price, and was losing loyal customers. Under new executive leadership, it set out on a 3-year turnaround strategy to win those customers back and grow its market share to new levels.

With nearly half as many stores as the leading grocery retailer and already razor-thin margins, what strategies would help revitalize this retailer and help build a foundation for deeper customer engagement?


This retailer identified a strong customer-first mindset as one of the core tenants of the new strategy, and with it, a strategic commitment to sports as a way to build trust and connect with the everyday lives of Canadians.

Not only did partnering with FlipGive provide a direct digital channel to a coveted youth sports audience, but every dollar given back to sports families across the country was tied directly to sales and new customers. Even better, FlipGive allowed this retailer to tap into the spending power of groups. Each FlipGive team brings an average of 15 engaged parents onto the platform to shop. This one-to-many acquisition model made FlipGive an even more valuable online channel for driving this retailer’s most highly coveted customers.

Seeing the unique value in this partnership, the retailer worked with FlipGive on a 12-week launch plan as the official grocery sponsor in FlipGive’s new "everyday essentials" category. The plan included banner placements in mass seasonal shopping events and flagship promotions, along with custom outbound campaigns to targeted sports audiences and loyalty segments.


With a successful first quarter launch leveraging eGift Cards to drive in-store sales and acquire new customers, this grocery retailer extended its sponsorship investment for another quarter. With a 70% month-over-month growth rate and a 12:1 return on ad spend, FlipGive helped this grocery retailer grow to over $1MM in sales in less than 6 months.

Early success driving new customer acquisition and increased spending with existing customers has entrenched FlipGive as a proven digital strategy, and helped this retailer stand out as a market leader in today’s rapidly shifting grocery landscape.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

This grocery retailer gained over 3,000 unique customers by giving back over $30,000 to grassroots sports teams across the country. At a time when the cost of sport is increasing, this retailer strengthened its strategic commitment to sports, family, and food, ultimately helping to reduce the barrier to participation while giving customers a meaningful reason to shop with them over the competition.

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