How a sports retailer dramatically increased performance during the competitive Spring Sports season

How a popular sports retailer drove a 415% Increase in sales.


Like a lot of retail, the sports retail landscape in the US and Canada is highly competitive with national leaders and hungry regional players, all looking to expand and increase their presence in the physical and digital marketplace. But with the ever-increasing cost of acquisition and brand loyalty being a slippery slope, growth challenges are immense.


As a marketing platform with a highly engaged audience of sports parents shopping for themselves and their kids, FlipGive has become a coveted, digital channel for this vertical to drive sales and community goodwill throughout N. America. By working closely with merchants across all major categories and providing flexible promotion and investment options, FlipGive is able to help advertisers no matter the size or type successfully reach their own specific growth objectives and ROAS targets.

Working with a large, regional sports retailer, the FlipGive account team developed a customized marketing plan with multi-channel placements across a full funnel of inventory including onsite, in-app and outbound to drive performance during the busy spring sports season. In addition to mass audience seasonal promotions, targeted promotions were deployed to custom sports team audiences as a way to drive further incrementality and deliver upon growth objectives.


The success of the spring campaign was both immediate and long-lasting as it led to continued CPA and flat fee investment throughout the year. A 285% increase in intents, coupled with a 32% increase in their conversion rate, led to a 410% increase in orders which exceeded targets. Just as importantly, the marketing + increased giveback incentive led to an increase of 255% teams raising funds with the retailer. All told, the campaign generated tremendous goodwill with sports families across the country, ensuring deep-rooted loyalty and repeat shoppers for the long term.

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