How a home improvement retailer drove sales and hundreds of goodwill customer stories.

How a popular home improvement retailer drove 176% sale...


The visionary marketers at Home Hardware were looking for a way to strengthen their commitment to the community and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers while driving strong sales growth and efficient ROI. They looked to FlipGive to tap into a massive market - spending on youth sports in N. America is estimated at $30-40B - and drive sales by giving back. Fueled by double digit inflation and rising cost to play, families need help now more than ever to help keep kids play more and spend less on the games they love.


FlipGive’s Play More Matching Grant helps families bridge the financial gap so their kids can play more. For Home Hardware, the unique, turnkey marketing program helped bring profit and purpose together. As Presenting Sponsor of the nation-wide Matching Grant, Home Hardware helped over 500 youth sports teams get back in the game after being sidelined by COVID-19. By investing in over $75,000 in grassroots community givebacks to teams, Home Hardware renewed its commitment to help young people play the games they love and deepened its connection to a community of premium customers who rallied their support together and spent more with a brand that gave back.

"We're lucky to be one of 500 teams supported by FlipGive and Home Hardware. The Tillsonburg U10 Twisters, Team Hughes, is a group of young female athletes that share a contagious enthusiasm, hard working attitude and big love for the game of Ringette.Many are new to the team this year. The girls are getting to know each other on and off the ice and are quickly beginning to bond as a team. They would love to attend a tournament in Niagara Falls in March and have been working hard to achieve their fundraising goals. The $100 grant will go towards tournament fees/lodging and team meals while on the road."

The Tillsonburg U10 Twisters, Tillsonburg, ON


This 16-week omnichannel marketing campaign included branded sponsor placements across the entire customer journey: awareness, interest, decision, action. Results were exceptional demonstrating that grassroots community givebacks are a unique and proven way to drive acquisition, loyalty and long-term brand value:

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