How 3 brands tripled sales during peak holiday shopping season

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday shopping season typically drive a 40% increase in sales volumes, making November and...


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday shopping season typically drive a 40% increase in sales volumes, making November and December the busiest shopping season of the year. Brands and retailers often spend the entire year planning for this season, mapping out steep discounts and dramatic sales in an effort to catch the attention of holiday shoppers.

This year, with an economic recession showing no signs of slowing down, consumers will have even less money to spend. With tighter overall marketing budgets, brands will be forced to think creatively about how to stand out and unlock holiday shopping dollars from their most valuable customers.

Instead of traditional holiday deals and discounting that work for in-the-moment conversions, is there a cost-effective way for brands to win attention and long-term loyalty with highly coveted families across North America?


By helping parents offset the high cost of kids sports and activities every time they shop, FlipGive helps brands build meaningful connections with every customer purchase. Instead of deeper discounting that leads to brand erosion, brands on FlipGive acquire loyal customers for life through grassroots community givebacks. This strategy works particularly well during the busy holiday shopping season, when giving is top of mind for brands and consumers alike. Now more than ever customers are choosing to support companies aligned with their beliefs.


Stellar performance during peak holiday shopping season proved that higher give backs, along with cross-channel placements in prime holiday shopping events, helped these brands triple sales, win new and loyal customers, and generate invaluable brand goodwill - all without having to provide further discounts.

Iconic Canadian Apparel and Leather Goods Brand

By doubling their CPA along with flat-fee spend, this iconic Canadian brand was given HERO placement in the storefront, gifting guides, as well as a series of email and push notifications.

Multinational Hotel Chain

With a top variable commission rate and flat fee spend, this hotel chain’s promotion package featured cross-channel mass and targeted placements, including weekly emails.

Top Consumer Electronics Retailer

This popular electronics retailer increased their CPA and earned feature placements throughout the Bonus Give Event cross-channel promotions.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

Together, these 3 brands tripled their sales during the busy holiday shopping season by giving back over $30,000, helping 3,000+ families fund their kids’ sports and activities.

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FlipGive is the shopping rewards app for families that unlocks sales and shopper loyalty through community givebacks. We partner with some of the world’s leading brands, using personalized rewards to connect with shoppers and inspire deep-rooted brand loyalty at meaningful moments in the shopper journey. With hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental sales, over $40MM in community givebacks, and countless goodwill stories generated to date, we’ve become an impactful and efficient marketing tool to unlock the full power of shoppers’ wallets and their stories.

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