How 4 top sporting brands stood out by giving back

Sports footwear and apparel is a highly crowded, billion-dollar industry. Legacy brands and retailers have historically dominated, but a...


Sports footwear and apparel is a highly crowded, billion-dollar industry. Legacy brands and retailers have historically dominated, but a growing segment of manufacturers investing heavily in direct-to-consumer digital channels is increasing the competition even more.

As a digital marketing platform with a highly engaged audience of sports parents shopping for themselves and their kids, FlipGive has become a highly coveted eCommerce channel for the sports vertical. As new sports advertisers join FlipGive, the challenge lies in maintaining a healthy departmental mix of large legacy brands and retailers, niche players and up-and-comers, while driving meaningful sales growth for all.


The FlipGive account team developed customized marketing plans with multi-channel placements across a full funnel of inventory including onsite, in-app and outbound. In addition to mass audience seasonal promotions, targeted promotions were deployed to custom audiences as a way to drive further incrementality.

By working closely with all merchants across a category and providing flexible promotion and investment options, FlipGive is able to help advertisers no matter the size or type successfully reach their own specific growth objectives and ROAS targets.


Iconic Sporting Brand

A multi-year partnership with FlipGive with evergreen top commission has helped this iconic sporting brand scale its direct eCommerce channel with over $7 million in sales and $750,000 given back to youth sports teams.

Specialty Athletic Brand

Over the past 3 years, this specialty athletic brand known for its footwear has invested top commission in select markets during peak seasonal events to increase market share.

Leading Sports Retailer

This leading US sports retailer has coupled CPA increases with quarterly flat fee investments to drive incremental YoY GMV growth.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

Together, these 4 brands gave back over $400,000 in 2019, helping thousands of families fund their kids’ sports and activities.

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