How a national sports retailer leveraged givebacks to increase sales by 291%

As the busy, competitive holiday season approached, Sport Chek approached...


As the busy, competitive holiday season approached, Sport Chek approached FlipGive to partner with them to create a series of tailored campaigns. Sport Chek set out with the goals of driving immediate sales, increasing shoppers’ average order value, unlocking growth across their product portfolio, and ultimately, delivering more repeat shoppers after the holiday season. However, with their budget stretched across a number of campaigns they were hoping to find a solution with a guaranteed return on investment and limited upfront spending.


To unlock sales and loyalty for Sport Chek, FlipGive designed and executed an 11-week omnichannel marketing campaign plan that prominently featured the brand to our premium audience of high household income moms motivated to spend more with brands that give back.  This meant that Sport Chek was the premier sports sponsor in two key holiday campaigns – Black Friday Week and Holiday Gift Guides. These sponsor placements included in-app banners in five seasonal storefronts and seasonal banners in five email newsletters and three mobile broadcasts to FlipGive’s entire community of shoppers. 


The success of Sport Chek’s campaign with FlipGive was both immediate and long lasting. With a 216% increase in sales, a 291% increase in demand, and a 206% increase in unique buyers, the partnership provided Sport Chek with an 11:1 return on ad spend. Just as importantly, FlipGive’s giveback incentive generated goodwill for Sport Chek with sports families across the country, ensuring deep-rooted loyalty and repeat shoppers for the long term. 

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