How a popular fashion retailer grew sales by over 2.5x in a year

This retailer, known for providing the latest fashion at great prices for the whole family, had grown its eComm channel successfully...


This retailer, known for providing the latest fashion at great prices for the whole family, had grown its eComm channel successfully through digital ads promoting steep discounts. Over time they realized that while this drove short-term gains, it was not building longer-term brand loyalty. While discounts, coupons, or deals convert a consumer in the moment, they do not inspire consumers to feel connected to a brand and can lead to brand erosion.


Knowing that the key to cultivating a loyal, lifelong brand following is emotional connection, this retailer worked with FlipGive to help elevate their brand, while driving increased traffic and incrementality.

By helping parents offset the high cost of their kids sports and activities every time they shop, this retailer was able to build a meaningful connection with every customer purchase. FlipGive became a channel driving new and loyal customers for life, without having to further discount. In fact, these customers were willing to spend more with this retailer and drove a higher average order value than other cash back or loyalty programs.

FlipGive's audience was perfectly aligned to the retailer’s target - busy moms - while also allowing these brands to tap into the spending power of groups. Each FlipGive team brings an average of 15 engaged parents onto the platform to shop. This one-to-many acquisition model made FlipGive an even more valuable online channel for driving this retailer’s most highly coveted customers.


To drive ongoing success, FlipGive worked with this retailer on a high evergreen commission and strategic CPA increases. This retailer’s promotional package combined evergreen in-app feature placements with mass and targeted placements across all channels during key shopping events and seasonal promotions.

FlipGive’s engaged audience responded by spending more, driving an impressive 158% increase in sales over the previous year simply by giving back to customers.

Driving Sales and Loyalty by Giving Back

Altogether, this retailer has given back more than $88,000, helping over 10,000 families fund their kids’ sports and activities.

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