Fundraising Opportunities in British Columbia

While spending time on your phone during your child's game or match isn’t a good look, it’s OK to sneak a peek during intermissions, especially if you're going to do some shopping using the FlipGive platform. FlipGive provides teams with a free platform to raise money by having family and friends shop at the stores they already use. You'll earn cash on the things you're already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels, activities and more.

Fundraising in British Columbia

Thanks to its location in the Rocky Mountains, winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, ice hockey and curling are some of the most popular sports in British Columbia. That’s not to say that traditional sports like soccer, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball/softball don’t have their fair share of participants throughout British Columbia as well. These youth sports teams and leagues span the entire province, from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver, to the southernmost city in BC, Victoria, to the northern cities like Bennett and Fort Nelson. Like most Canadian youth sports teams and other organizations, travel and an intensive tournament schedule throughout the country is often the norm in order to compete at the highest level.

Not only do travel and tournaments consume a family’s time, but it also requires a significant budget to afford lodging, transportation, equipment, tournament fees, and other expenses. FlipGive was created with the intention of helping British Columbia youth sports programs and other clubs and organizations to raise funds to help offset these costs in an easy and effective way. Instead of selling candy or magazines, FlipGive allows family, friends, and co-workers to make purchases, both online and in-person, at 1,000s of retailers they surely already use. With each purchase made through the platform, the team earns a small percentage of the purchase as a fundraising contribution. FlipGive is free to use for all clubs, and doesn’t take any fees on the money raised. Check out the list below to see which cities and teams across British Columbia are already using FlipGive!


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British Columbia Towns on FlipGive

2505 teams in British Columbia from 19 different towns are already taking advantage of the new way to fundraise. Want to see who’s active near you? Find your town listed below.