After a long Saturday of games, tournaments, or competitions, the last thing you'd want to do is spend your Sunday morning standing outside a grocery store or shopping mall, shaking a can or holding a helmet asking for donations for sports team or clubs. FlipGive provides teams with a free platform to raise money by having family and friends shop at the stores they already use. You'll earn cash on the things you're already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels, activities and more.

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Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports in Georgia

There are few states that take their youth football more seriously than Georgia. With hundreds of youth football leagues paired with cheerleading at all age groups, football represents a huge chunk of the young athletes in the state. Other sports, like baseball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, enjoy large numbers of participation throughout Georgia. As children continue to progress through the youth sports ranks, the costs for them to participate grow. It’s not uncommon for a child’s youth sports activities to ring up a bill for around $1,000 per year. Between uniforms, equipment, private training, travel, tournaments, and other expenses, youth sports teams are turning to fundraising to help offset the costs of playing the game they love.

FlipGive’s fundraising platform is designed to take advantage of our connected society. Every parent, family, and friends has a smartphone or computer and tends to purchase items online. By making those same purchase through the thousands of retailers that have partnered with FlipGive, your youth sports team will earn a small cashback reward based on the purchase total that is donated directly to the team’s dashboard. Whether it’s purchasing new school clothes for the kids at Gap, or treating the team to Buffalo Wild Wings after a game, teams can raise funds easily by using FlipGive. Check out the list at the bottom of the page to see which teams and cities throughout Georgia are already using FlipGive.

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Georgia teams are finding that FlipGive is an absolute game changer by helping them raise money faster, and easier, than ever before. To get started, sign up today or schedule a coaching call with one of our FlipGive funding experts who can walk you through the setup and answer any questions. If you’re ready to roll right away, get started by filling out the form below.

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