Fundraising Opportunities in Quebec

We've spoken to thousands of hockey parents from Quebec who all told us that fundraising was their least enjoyable part of their child's youth sports activities. Let's face it, fundraising outside a store or supermarket during hockey season in Canada is not enjoyable. FlipGive is the solution to your fundraising headaches. FlipGive provides teams with a free platform to raise money by having family and friends shop at the stores they already use. You'll earn cash on the brands you're already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels, activities and more.

Fundraising in Quebec

There is no professional team more synonymous with a province or state’s identity than the Montreal Canadians are to Quebec. Hockey is life throughout Quebec, and it is displayed in every local rink, as thousands of boys and girls take part in youth hockey leagues, as well as travel teams that compete all across Canada and the United States. Football and soccer also have a stronghold in the area, where youth athletes aspire to join the ranks of the professional teams of Montreal. Similar to youth leagues in the other Canadian provinces, it’s common for advanced youth teams to take their talents on the road, and Quebec youth teams are no different. With their proximity to the United States, it’s common for a team to make multiple trips to tournaments throughout the year.

This level of travel to face top competition comes at a cost to families, both of their time and in a financial aspect. FlipGive’s free fundraising platform is the ideal solution for youth sports teams to raise money by booking hotel rooms, eating out after the games, purchasing new equipment, plus more! Thanks to FlipGive’s massive network of online and in-person retailers, when a user makes a purchase through the platform, they earn cashback that is directly donated to the team’s dashboard. This system makes fundraising an after though, as items that would normally be purchased by family or friends can now help a team accomplish their fundraising goals. Check out the list below to see some other teams and cities in Quebec that have found immense success using FlipGive to fundraise.


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Using FlipGive for your youth team or league’s fundraising efforts is incredibly easy to set up and manage. If you have any questions on how the platform works, schedule a coaching call with a FlipGive funding effort, who can walk you through setup and provide valuable tips along the way. If you’re ready to get started right now, fill out the form below to begin setting up your team’s dashboard.

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