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The Only Back to School Supply Cheat Sheet You Need in 2020

Aug 13 2020

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Back to school (or college!) is only a few days away, and it's time to gear up for fresh new year of learning. While we are still figuring out what the new year is going to look like, it's still esencial to be well equipped to ace the school year. So whether you are homeschooling, leaving off to college or finally coming back to the class room, we made the ultimate school supply list for you, so you only need to check it twice!

And while you are at it, have you checked out our back to school guide? Find our back-to-school organization tips, the best 2020 laptops for school, and the hottest backpacks of the year.



Elementary School

Middle School & High School


Academic Supplies

  • Three-ring binder (Shop at Staples)
  • Three-hole-punch (Shop at Staples)
  • Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks  (Shop at Staples)
  • Graph paper (Shop at Staples)
  • Subject dividers (Shop at Staples)
  • Index cards  (Shop at Staples)
  • Plastic folders (Shop at Staples)
  • Blue or black ballpoint pens (Shop at Staples)
  • Mechanical pencils (Shop at Staples)
  • Permanent markers (Shop at Staples)
  • Highlighters (Shop at Staples)
  • Erasers (Shop at Staples)
  • Pencil pouch (Shop at Staples)
  • Scissors (Shop at Staples)
  • Stapler and staples (Shop at Staples)
  • Tape (Shop at Staples)
  • Post-it Notes (Shop at Staples)
  • White-Out  (Shop at Staples)
  • Personal organizer/ planner  (Shop at Staples)
  • Graphing calculator (Shop at Staples)
  • Backpack (Shop at Staples)
  • Laptop (Shop at HP)
  • Wireless printer  (Shop at Staples)
  • Computer paper (Shop at Staples)
  • Ink cartridges  (Shop at Staples)

Dorm Essentials


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