Fundraising Opportunities in Pennsylvania

From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between, Pennsylvania youth sports programs are growing faster than ever. Football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, cheerleading, and dance are some of the most popular activities in the Keystone State, and they all have one thing in common...the need to fundraise! FlipGive provides teams with a free platform to raise money by having family and friends shop at the stores they already use. You'll earn cash on the things you're already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels, activities and more.

Youth Sports Fundraising in Pennsylvania

Across Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, you’ll find sports fields, gymnasiums, and rinks filled with young athletes year round. With such a rich professional and collegiate sports history, Pennsylvania youth sports programs continue to turn out athletes to high school, college, and the professional ranks. The road to get there can often be expensive for parents, as fees and costs per season can quickly pile up. Between equipment, uniforms, travel costs, official fees, and tournament entry fees, it’s not uncommon for a single sport season to end up costing over $1,000 per child. That’s where FlipGive comes in to help youth sports teams raise money in an easier than ever format.

Youth sports fundraising in Pennsylvania has finally entered the 21st century, thanks to FlipGive. No longer are kids responsible for selling magazines or candy. Instead, FlipGive rewards family and friends for making purchases, both online and in-person, through our easy to use app with cashback that is then donated back to the team. The platform is free for teams to use and doesn’t take any fees on the money raised. Start earning for your team with the purchases that you make day to day, from a pair of shoes to a hotel room for a tournament weekend, FlipGive will reward your team with cashback! Check out the list below to find some towns and teams in Pennsylvania that are already using FlipGive to raise money for their team!


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Pennsylvania Towns on FlipGive

2101 teams in Pennsylvania from 14 different towns are already taking advantage of the new way to fundraise. Want to see who’s active near you? Find your town listed below.