10 Easy Fundraising Ideas To Kick Off 2018

December 27 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

It's almost the new year, and that means new teams, new goals, and new expenses. Raising money doesn't have to be challenging or complicated. We've put together our easiest fundraising ideas so your team can start the year off right: 


1. Indigo fundraiser

An Indigo fundraiser (for our Canuck teams out there) is one of the easiest ways to raise money for PTA boosters and parent clubs--it's a natural favourite among schools! It's simple to set up on FlipGive, and the real magic happens when you buy an Indigo eGift Card, which you can use in-store or online as credit (or gift out to loved ones), as it gives 15% back. Which means an instant $15 donation on a $100 Card you can spend on in-store trips to Indigo!


2. Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

A hot chocolate fundraiser is a sweet way to raise money during the winter season, especially for parents who have kids participating in winter sports. If you have a FlipGive fundraising campaign, you can already start fundraising by getting the ingredients, carafe and even to-go cups from your favourite grocery stores at FlipGive. Then let the actual hot chocolate fundraising begin!. Read more on how to put a hot chocolate fundraiser together here


3. Coffee Pop-Up fundraiser

Coffee pop-ups are a super simple way to raise money, especially for middle school and high school clubs.  Have a coffee cart available for students and teachers in the morning, all you need are a couple carafes full of coffee, some milk and sugar, and to go cups with tops. Here’s the FlipGive trick: get a Starbucks Card and immediately get 2% donated to your team, then use the card to get a coffee-to-go carafe, and be the coffee hero of your fundraising initiative!


4. Nike fundraiser

There’s nothing better than fundraising on items that your team already needs. From cleats to sneakers to gym bags, Nike online shopping is one of the fastest ways to raise with FlipGive.   Nike gives your team up to 12%  on every purchase you make through their site. Read more on how to run a Nike fundraiser here


5. Under Armour fundraiser

Under Armour offers items for a wide range of teams, so fundraising with this brand works all year round. With a FlipGive fundraising page, your team raises money on items they already need. Under Armour has something for everyone, from the team mom to your youth hockey player. Under Armour gives up to 12% to your team with every purchase.  Read more on how to run an Under Armour fundraiser here


6. Ultimate Dining Card fundraiser

The Ultimate Dining card can be used for any kind of fundraiser, any time of year. Its versatility is what makes it such an easy solution to raising money for your team, cause, or school. This kind of fundraiser It takes little to no effort, and your team earns 10% cash back on every single purchase made through a FlipGive fundraising page, which means every team or family dinner helps your team, cause, or school. Read more on how to run an Ultimate Dining Card fundraiser here


7. Schwan's Home Delivery Fundraiser

The perfect fundraiser for busy families on the go, Schwan's home delivery meal service earns teams 40% cash back. Schwan's provides nutritious and ready-made meals delivered right to your door, and with one of the highest gives on FlipGive, you'll reach your fundraising goals in no time! 


8. Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser

Having a team party? When your team has a FlipGive fundraising page, Buffalo Wild Wings eGift cards give 10% back to your team or cause. It takes a few minutes to set up, runs on its own, and can be used all year round. So coordinate all your team events and after-practice meetings, kids in tow, with the other parents. Get a $500 Buffalo Wild Wings card to pay for the whole meal and give an instant $50 back to your team.


9. Jellybean Jar fundraiser

A jellybean jar fundraiser is a really easy way to raise money for any cause.  You'll need a big bag of jellybeans, and you'll need to count exactly how many are going into the jar. Have a second jar for your supporters to guess and a third jar for their entry fee. Participants pay a fee in order to submit a guess regarding how many jellybeans are in a jar. The winner gets a cash prize, or they get to keep the giant jellybean jar! Read more on how to put a Jellybean Jar fundraiser together here


10. Pizza party fundraiser 

Hosting a pizza fundraiser is a great way to raise money, who doesn’t love pizza right? If you have a FlipGive fundraising page, purchase eGift cards for your pizza party so that you can earn cash back on the pizza your order. Have your participants either pay per slice or pay one fee for an all you can eat pizza bonanza! Read more on how to put a pizza party fundraiser together here

FlipGive Team

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.